As Benjamin Franklin famously quoted, “Nothing in life is certain but death and taxes.” While we can’t remove either of those certainties, we can take the burden off our clients’ business and personal taxation needs.

Business and Personal Taxation

Our partners and managers are experts in the field of taxation and will ensure that all of our clients’ tax requirements are met with ease and efficiency. We can help business owners come up with a plan to keep tax payments to a minimum, or advise individuals in personal tax planning. Whatever the reason, we can assure the best tax advantages for every client, completing each return on time, every time.

Our team at SBP also has exemplary knowledge in capital gains and can help clients navigate this potentially complex area of taxation with prudent tax planning, careful negotiation of valuations and meticulous scheduling with Inland Revenue.

SBP also has vast knowledge of many other areas of taxation, including VAT, trusts, corporate tax and purchasing/selling of business.

Estate Planning

Our team knows about the importance of planning in advance when it comes to dealing with an estate. At SBP, we can ensure that inheritance tax wishes are carried out seamlessly, minimising the inheritance tax a family may be subject to. Our considerable experience in the field allows us to take stress off family members and ensure that estates are passed along to the beneficiaries of your choice.
We offer a full range of estate planning services, including:

  • Transferring between spouses
  • Investigating exemptions and tax rate opportunities
  • Creating trust from assets
  • Transferring business property and concerns