Structured Financial Planning

SBP works closely with Structured Financial Planning Ltd, a group of independent financial advisers offering impartial advice to individuals and businesses.

SFP provides general reviews and strategy planning, savings and investment advice and inheritance tax planning, among other financial services to benefit any client.

All advisers at SFP are well-qualified and can help review your investments and financial requirements on a regular basis. Based in Banff, SFP advisers also have access to Aberdeen, Fraserburgh and Peterhead to provide excellent service throughout the north-east.

Richard Evans

Richard Evans serves as Director of Structured Financial Planning and is a well-qualified and experienced adviser. Richard has over 14 years experience of providing financial advice. He has a degree in Economics from Aberdeen University, and holds the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate, including the Advanced Pensions, Taxation and Trusts, and Financial Planning papers.

To learn more about the services Structured Financial Planning offers, visit the SFP website.